Email marketing automation
to put your sales on autopilot.

Make your growing e-commerce business convert visitors into fans, and fans into cash with fun, engaging email marketing automation.

Sell more, with less effort.
A graphic representing email automation which says: Customer abandons cart? Send email. Customer doesn't make purchase, send discount code.
Increase in email
generated revenue.
Average placed
order rate.
> $500k
Generated for a client
in five months.

Grow faster with your  
feet kicked up.

Rat Dog Media blends copywriting, design, and intuitive, intelligent automation frameworks to capture, nurture and convert your website’s visitors into customers. We turn your website into a sales engine so you can focus on driving traffic, growing your brand, and serving your customers.

Get more from your visitors.

Strike a balance between entertainment, education, and engagement-driving messaging to create high-converting emails your audience will actually enjoy.

Rat Dog's email automation services will increase your average order value, capture and convert rates, and customer lifetime value.

Put your AOV, CVR, CLV through the roof.

Personalize customer experiences.

We tailor your email automation systems to personalize email marketing for your audience based on how they interact with your site and your products.

Through rigorous testing, optimization and segmentation, we send relevant messages they actually care about.

A pipeline diagram shows how each customer can receive tailored messages.

Built to scale.

We build one-size-fits-one automation systems designed to convert customers whether you sell CNC machines, golf clubs, or taxidermy mice in silly costumes.

Let Rat Dog build you an email automation strategy that works whether you have 500 visitors a month or 500,000.

A visualization showing how your email automation will be effective with little or much traffic.

Here’s how we do it.

  • Step 1
    We master your brand voice, understand your buyers, and map out your automation architecture.

  • Step 2
    We write and design emails that your new and existing customers will want to open.

  • Step 3
    We work with you and your team to refine design and messaging before we launch.

  • Step 4
    We launch your email automation strategy and you start converting visitors and selling on autopilot.

  • Step 5
    Three months of optimization and testing to maximize the impact of your  automation engine.

  • Step 6
    Growth, baby! Now that you're killing it, we can continue support or expand it based on your needs.


of automation
generated revenue
Contact Rat Dog
  • We build your automation, you only pay when it performs.
  • Month 1: Rat Dog builds and launches your automation.
  • Month 2: Optimization and segmentation.
  • You pay 15% until a $4000 payment is made.


Contact sales
Price dependent
on project scope.
Tell us more
  • Price and scope are dependent on the needs of your engagement.
  • Rat Dog Media are experts in both email automation or email marketing campaigns.
  • Please contact sales and we can strategize how to solve your problems.

Already have automation running but want to bring in the pros to get it working to its fullest potential?
Contact us and let's tailor a package to match your needs.

Oh, and rest easy, Rat Dog Media is a certified Klaviyo partner.

The Klaviyo SMS and email platform partnership badge.

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