Meet the Rat Dog

At Rat Dog, we believe that the best marketing is created in a state of play. Why does our work move the needle? Because we have fun doing it.

Woof Woof
A rat terrier with a little grin.
A marketing services company
designed to integrate with your team.

We created this company because we've been there.

Does this sound like you? You're a small marketing team, with huge targets but not enough time in the day to go deep, optimize, or build. Fires pop up all the time and you have to react quickly to put them out... but you know it's not a path to growth.

This was us (or rather our founder Sean McCullum). Between 2017 and 2022, he was managing small marketing teams at B2B tech companies and D2C e-commerce brands with ambitious, global targets. We know that doing a lot with a little can be tough.

Enter Rat Dog, baby.

We're a marketing services company that operates more like a team member. We extend the capabilities of your current team, delivering professional, high-quality services so you and your team can get your heads above water, breath, and focus on growth.

Sean, the founder of Rat Dog Media, hold Reggie, the spokesperson for Rat Dog. Reggie is a 15 lbs. Rat Terrier.

"How are these doggies any different

from my local marketing agency?"

Great question. While I'm sure your local agency is pretty cool, allow us to elaborate.

Niche expertise

We don't sell you services we aren't experts in. Our services are niche and we're damn good at them.

Marketing is fun

We emphasis a balance between entertainment and education so that your customers actually enjoy the marketing your brand puts out while it works its magic.


We operate as an extension of your team and work to intimately understand your buyers so we can offer strategies tailored to your brand's unique needs.

We've helped these fine folks, and we can help you too.

Grow like crazy.

Have ambitious targets you need to nail? Maybe a sales team you need to feed?

Join the growing list of brands working alongside Rat Dog to meet and beat their targets, reclaim their time, and crush their goals.

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