Marketing strategies
that move the needle.

Rat Dog Media is a boutique marketing consultancy helping growth-hungry companies nail their marketing goals and shift their brand into high gear.

What do you do?I'm sold. Let's do this.
An image of a Rat Terrier, the rat terrier after which Rat Dog Media is named.
Marketing is Difficult. Team up with the Rat Dog.

Your growth goals are ambitious and we're here to help.

Let’s face it, running a marketing department is difficult. It’s a road with a thousand paths and hundreds of gurus telling you what to do. Whether your sales pipeline needs filling or you're building your brand in a new market, Rat Dog Media is your partner along this journey.

We make the job of achieving your marketing goals easier by strategizing, creating, and running marketing strategies, programs, and campaigns tailored exclusively to your business and its goals.

No cookie cutters. No rinse and repeat.

A computer is on a zoom call. A Rat Terrier is giving you a marketing consultation.

Sic the rat dog on your growth goals.

We've developed marketing strategies that move the needle, grow brands, and fuel the customer journey. Here's what we do... reallllly well.

Full-service, boutique marketing strategy, tailored to your business.

Marketing consulting.

We don’t just tell you what to do, we roll up our sleeves and do it. We’ve helped B2B SaaS companies from fewer than 10 customers to more than 50 through rigorous customer research boiled down into effective repositioning, demand generation programs, and content strategies. Mhmm, full service marketing for measurable growth... Just what the rat dog ordered.

Rat Dog Media offers marketing consulting, this gif is of an arrow hitting a target.
Grow online and deliver your brand to target prospects at key moments.

Digital advertising.

Since 2018, our team has managed more than $700,000 dollars worth of marketing campaigns for organizations from local non-profits to multinational, fortune 500s. We tailor high-impact, tightly targeted digital advertising campaigns to your specific business needs, nothing cookie cutter, nothing copy and paste.

A Dog gives a thumbs up as digital ads of your brand populate a computer screen.
Video, Photo, Graphic Design, copywriting... unified.

Content strategy and creation.

We craft content that moves people and builds audiences. But putting your customers at the heart of our content creation services, we strategize, build, and distribute content that solves customer problems, educates and entertains. We offer full service video, photo, written, and graphic creative.

A dog goes viral on social media after Rat Dog Media's content strategy and creation services are used.


At the beginning of each engagement, Rat Dog Media works with your team and customers to understand your unique needs, goals, and opportunities. We condense the complex into the clear and actionable.

Strategy & Validation

Our team takes these learnings and develops a unique, one-size-fits-one strategy that capitalizes on your opportunities, solves your customers problems, and hits your goals. Rat Dog Media emphases measurability and repeatability.

Execution & Measurement

Once you're onboard with the strategy, the Rat Dog gets to work executing the strategy. We take time to lay the necessary data layers so that all marketing activities are measurable and can be tied to your bottom line goals.

No more spinning your wheels.

Experience next level business growth.

Named after the noble rat terrier, Rat Dog Media attacks your business’s growth goals with the relentlessness and cunning of a rat-hungry dog.

We’re bred for one thing, helping your business nail its marketing and growth goals.

A small dog peaks around from behind a laptop depicting marketing growth.

Let's make your phones ring.

Multiple dogs are calling from various phones.

Ready to grow?

Don’t end up in the proverbial dog house. Contact us to learn how we can help your company crush your marketing goals and build sustainable, repeatable growth.

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